The Diocese of Cyangugu

The Anglican Diocese of Cyangugu is situated in south-eastern Rwanda on the shores of Lake Kivu.  Like most of Rwanda we enjoy a mild climate and live in beautiful green hilly countryside.

The News

A New Bishop -
Rev Geoffrey Rwubusisi

The next Bishop of Cyangugu will be consecrated on the 25th February at Christ the King cathedral in Cyangugu. Archbishop Emanuel Kolini will preside, assisted by the archbishops of Uganda and Burundi, with several bishops from the region.

Message from the Rev. Geoffrey Rwubusisi  - Bishop Elect.

I have been working with African Enterprise as an evangelist. I have a wide and rich experience in church work. My vision for the church is to work for a new Rwanda whose people need true love, forgiveness and unity is paramount. The 1994 genocide left behind a shattered and dehumanised people, a wounded, hurting and bleeding society. The message of reconciliation is very crucial if these people are to live together. As you read these pages God is at work in Rwanda mending broken relationships. The people are living together going on with their daily chores. Now you talk about a miracle. Here is a miracle. Rwandans are together, through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a ministry of love. Calvary love can do it. The blood of Jesus Christ not the blood of Hutu or Tutsi will heal the land.   

Young People
Our children and young people must be given a new beginning. Many lost their families in the genocide. They are bitter and if we do not act quickly now, the future of Rwanda will be the worse.  We need to rebuild these lives on the biblical values of love, forgiveness, faithfulness and truth. We hope to run youth Camps where we shall teach these values. We will equip them with life skills and prepare them to fight AIDS. AIDS is a moral problem. The youth of Rwanda need common sense more than condoms. During our youth camps we will address pertinent issues of identity, friends, love and sex. Our aim is to create a society of Godly young people.

If Rwanda is to be reconstructed we will need a leadership of integrity. A need for role models is crucial in all aspects of life, business, politics, family and church. We must build capacity to be able to handle effectively the work of rebuilding Rwanda.

Rev. Geoffrey Rwubusisi - Bishop Elect.

Contact information:

The Rt Revd Kenneth Lawrence Barham
Spouse: Jillian Margaret Barham

Bishop of Cyangugu, PO Box 52, Cyangugu, RWANDA
Street Address: Eveque Anglicane, EER Mont Cyangugu

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